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The InstituteThe "Lino Maestroni" Institute, which carries the name of a benefactor, was founded in 1998 by a group of researchers and by two public institutions, the Floriani Foundation of Milan and the ACCD (Associazione Cremonese per la Cura del Dolore).
The ACCD is engaged in the spreading of palliative medicine, in opening an hospice into the Cremona General Hospital, in the home-care for terminal patients and in the organization and management of group of volunteers specifically trained for palliative care.
The ACCD also promotes studies and researches in palliative medicine and, in order to develop this very activity, is funding the "Lino Maestroni" Institute in Cremona.
The Institute has assumed the task of carrying out a national study called the "STAGING" project, which the ACCD has been promoting and financing since 1994, with the collaboration of 60 Palliative Care Units in Italy. 
The researchers who have participated in this project (from the Istituto Tumori of Milan and Genova, the CSPO of Florence, the Mario Negri Institute of Milan, from some of the oldest Palliative Care Units of northern Italy and from King's College, London) are member of the Istituto Maestroni scientific committee.


Why a Research Institute in Palliative Medicine?

Palliative medicine has developed with emphasis on the charitable aspect and its epistemological innovative aspect.

Up to the present day, not enough study and research have been dedicated to palliative medicine and this situation greatly restricts its diffusion and acceptance both inside and outside the medical and scientific world. 

In palliative medicine today, the challenge, not only in Italy but on a world scale, is research.

The need for good research projects is paramount. Without a rational basis of knowledge, the risks of venturing into the subject, of therapies not founded on scientific criteria, not weighed up nor assessable by the scientific community are great; and all this cannot but favour the exploitation of the terminally ill.


The mission of the Foundation
  • To promote and carry out studies on terminal illness, on the quality of life of incurable patients, on palliative procedures and symptomatic therapies, on the cultural, anthropological, historical concerns of death and dying, and on any other of knowledge concerned with palliative care.
  • To train researchers and promote initiatives aimed at developing the interest and attitudes towards research of health professionals involved in the care of the terminally ill.
  • To encourage collaboration among researchers interested in the disciplines concerning palliative care.
  • To supply researchers with the necessary resources in order to conduct studies concerning palliative care.
  • To establish scientific and cultural relations with Societies and Institutes alike, with national and international public and private bodies and with research groups from every country.
  • To operate in all fields considered useful to the promotion of studies and research in palliative care.

The Maestroni Foundation is committed in the planning and organizing studies in Palliative Medicine, both financing and participating in projects financed by public and/or private bodies or funded by other subjects. The Maestroni Foundation is also committed to help students in projecting, developing and carrying out their own projects, when considered to be of scientific relevance.


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