The "Lino Maestroni"  Institute for Paliative Medicine Research (Foundation) was founded in 1998 with the objective of promoting and organising reasearches and activities aimed at broadening the knowledge on death and dying, on quality of life in terminal disease, on symptomatic therapies and on caring procedures and organisational aspects of Palliative Care, on attitudes towards death and dying in the contemporary Societies and cultures. The L.M.I. intends to form reserchers and to facilitate the collaboration among reserchers and to share information and knowledge on Palliative Medicine.



The Maestroni Foundation, welcomes the Italian Co-operative Research Group in Palliative Medicine.

The Maestroni Foundation collaborates with the National Cancer Institute of Milan (Psycho-oncology Dept.), the National Cancer Institute of Genova (Epidemiology Dept.), the Istituto Mario Negri (Dept. of nursing research), the C.S.P.O. of Florence (Dept. of Epidemiology), the UniversitÓ Cattolica of Milan (Dep. of Psychology), the Floriani Foundation, The King's College, London (Dept. of Palliative Care and Policy and the Centre of Medical Law and Ethics).

It participates in Ministry of Health and the Regione Lombardia nationally projects and in ECC Projects. 

It is represented in the National Committee for Palliative Care and in the research Network of the European Association for Palliative Care.



The Maestroni Foundation is a non profit, government recognised organization. 

Its resources come from partnerships with public and/or private bodies, pharmaceutical companies and foundations.

Partnership can occur through:

  • donations
  • project financing
  • directly with organisations and logistic support groups

Every donation or contribution to the Maestroni Foundation is subject to the regulations in force and has the right to the benefits provided for by the fiscal laws in force for ONLUS.




Italian Society of 
Palliative Care
  End of Life Ethic
c/o Fondazione Floriani
  Italian School of
Palliative Medicine

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